Water Conservation


May 12, 2016

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An interactive infographic from designer Angela Morelli illustrating our visible and invisible water consumption. By understanding how much water is needed to produce the goods we use and the food we eat, we can work to decrease our personal water consumption. Saving water helps to guarantee that there will enough water for everyone on the planet.

Experience the infographic: angelamorelli.com/water

What information did you find surprising?

What are three things you can do to conserve water?

Water Conservation


August 31, 2015

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It is easy to think about our direct water use, things like drinking, showering, and cooking. It can be much more difficult to remember that products we interact with on a daily basis use water for production. Think about all the water is takes to grow our food, make our clothes, and build our homes, cars, and computers. The Water Footprint Network has an interactive product gallery where you can easily see how much water is needed to make some the products you use everyday.

Check out their product gallery: http://waterfootprint.org/en/resources/interactive-tools/product-gallery/

What kinds of products use the most water?
What is one product you could use less often to cut back on your water footprint?